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Dongguan Xupeng Glass Co., Ltd. is a deep processing glass enterprise specializing in the integration of glass product research and development, design, manufacture and sales. Our professional processing and production:Flat/curved Tempered glass,Ultra-white glass,,Laminated glass,Painted glass, LCD glass, Advertising glass, Touch screen glass, Intelligent control panel glass, LED lamp glass, Instrument glass, AR glass (high transmittance glass / anti-reflective glass), AG glass (anti-glare glass ),and A series of high quality tempered glass.


XuPeng Glass adopts advanced production technology and strictly implements according to standards, has established a perfect production management system , established a comprehensive quality management system. Our company's products are reliable in quality, strong in security, flexible in service, and won the favor of domestic and foreign customers. Products are exported to the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and so on.


Xupeng Glass adheres to the corporate development philosophy of "focusing on high-end glass, pioneering and innovating". We will vigorously expand on the construction of high-quality talents and purchase of high-end production equipment, take the road of sustainable development of enterprise development,boldly innovate in the development model of enterprises,and cooperate with major manufacturers at home and abroad to provide reliable high-quality glass. Xu Peng Glass Factory focuses on the production of high-end glass and provides overall solutions for domestic and foreign customers.


Xupeng Glass will always adhere to the market-oriented, adhere to the investment in technological innovation and product development, meet the individual needs of customers, work hand in hand with customers and partners, make unremitting efforts to build a harmonious and win-win business environment for the whole society.

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