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What are the advantages of AG glass?

It is often said that anti-glare glass refers to single-sided anti-glare glass. Since its inception, it has been rapidly recognized and popularized by the market for its excellent light reflection and anti-glare performance.
The example shows that the display screen with single-sided anti-glare glass is far superior to the glossy glass screen in reducing screen reflection and environmental illusion, improving screen display, improving picture quality and visual comfort. The anti-glare screen is basically the standard of the current display equipment, ranging from mobile phones, computers and other communication terminals, to large-size TV screens of 85 inches or more, including ATM machines, industrial computer displays, etc., all of which use anti-glare glass screens. The use of glossy glass display screens has fallen to the point where it is only used on low-end products.
Although the single-sided anti-glare glass screen performs well, it does not mean that all scenes are adapted. In some special circumstances, such as bright rooms, field operations, waiting rooms and other open spaces, only adjust the single-sided anti-glare performance indicators, reduce the reflection and environmental illusion and ensure the screen display and The clarity is always impossible.
The other side of the single-sided anti-glare glass is still a glossy surface. The external light and the internal light of the screen act on the light surface. The phenomenon of reflection and ghosting will occur, but it will be weakened by the outer anti-glare layer.
Double-sided anti-glare glass not only has anti-glare effect on both surfaces of glass, the key is that any single-sided and overall anti-glare parameters meet certain performance indicators, and it is an upgraded product of single-sided anti-glare glass.
We analyze the mechanism and method of glass reflection and phantom formation, and double-block the path of light glare on and off the screen. The new generation of double-sided anti-glare glass has a single-sided anti-glare treatment. The glare glass's superior anti-glare performance truly eliminates the phenomenon of screen reflection and ghosting.
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