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Introduction to tempered glass

A glass with a compressive stress on the surface of the tempered glass. Also known as tempered glass. The glass was reinforced by tempering and began in France in 1874.
Tempered glass is a safety glass. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to increase the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity and enhancing the resistance of the glass itself. Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on. Note that it is distinguished from FRP.
When the glass is damaged by external force, the debris will become a honeycomb-like obtuse-angled small particle, which is not easy to cause serious damage to the human body.
High intensity
The impact strength of tempered glass of the same thickness is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass.
Thermal stability
Tempered glass has good thermal stability, and can withstand a temperature difference of three times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand a temperature difference of 300 °C.
The first is that the strength is several times higher than that of ordinary glass and it is resistant to bending.
The second is safe use, and its load-bearing capacity is improved to improve the fragile nature. Even if the tempered glass is broken, it is a small piece with no sharp angle, and the damage to the human body is greatly reduced. The quenching and rapid heat properties of tempered glass are 3 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and generally can withstand temperature changes of more than 250 degrees, which has obvious effects on preventing thermal cracking. It is one of the safety glasses. To ensure the safety of qualified materials for high-rise buildings.
Product application
Flat steel and bent tempered glass belong to safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator access, furniture, glass railings, etc. Usually tempered glass can be used in the following industries:
1. Architecture, building formwork, decoration industry (eg, doors and windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc.).
2. Furniture manufacturing industry (glass coffee table, furniture package, etc.).
3. Home appliance manufacturing industry (TV, oven, air conditioner, refrigerator and other products).
4. Electronics, instrument industry (mobile phones, MP3, MP4, watches and other digital products).
5. Automobile manufacturing industry (car windshield, etc.).
6. Daily product industry (glass cutting board, etc.).
7. Special industry (military glass).
Since the tempered glass is broken, the pieces break into uniform small particles and have no common glass-knife-shaped sharp corners. They are called safety glass and are widely used in automobiles, interior decoration, and windows that are opened on high floors.
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