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Overview of touch screen glass

The touch screen glass is mainly used for the touch screen panel, and is a chemically strengthened glass. The glass material is a special soda silicate glass material, which is enhanced by sodium and potassium ion exchange to achieve the purpose of glass strengthening, impact resistance and surface hardness are remarkable. Upgrade.
With the continuous updating of raw material technology and the continuous improvement of various production processes, glass has not been limited to function as a touch screen panel. The glass with the function of panel and function has already been available in the market, but the current mass production indicators have not yet reached It is required that this technology has not been widely applied.
How to extend the life of the touch screen glass
First, do not use the touch screen for a long time in a high temperature environment
Do not use it for a long time under high temperature sun. When the ambient temperature reaches 40 °C, it will cause the capacitive screen of the touch screen to drift. In the long run, it will lead to the direct scrapping of the touch screen display, causing economic losses to the company or individual.
Second, do not let strong magnetic fields close to the touch screen display
The electromagnetic field must be avoided when using it, because the magnetic field can cause temporary failure of the capacitive screen (serious or even permanent damage). Need to pay attention to magnetic items such as audio, do not let it close to the touch screen display.
Third, do not let it produce serious electrostatic effects
The electrostatic effect easily breaks down the capacitive screen. Although the glass panel on the surface of the capacitive screen of the touch screen display has undergone certain antistatic treatment, it can only withstand static electricity under a certain intensity, so it is necessary to pay attention when selecting the protective film of the touch screen display screen. Try to choose a protective film with strong antistatic properties.
4. Don't let oil and sweat touch the touch screen
Because oil, sweat, etc. touch the touch screen and cover the dense conductive layer to cause screen drift, the touch screen display should be away from oil and sweat.
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