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AG (anti-reflection, anti-glare) glass
The purpose of AG glass is to reduce screen reflections, and AG glass is now used in more and more fields. Such as outdoor display, medical, industrial control, automotive and other fields. For example, in the car, such as the center console, the dashboard, or when the sun is strong, we are very difficult to operate. There is also multimedia in the back seat, with AG glass will have a very good visual experience.
AG glass gloss selection must be assembled with the actual product to obtain the best solution.
Generally, in applications where haze and clarity are acceptable, the lower the gloss, the better the anti-glare effect. You can consider these points:
Use of the product;
Screen size and resolution / pixel height;
Screen to AG glass spacing design;
The thickness of the glass.
The physical sample is the best form to evaluate the AG material. You can take a few samples of different gloss to the manufacturer to see the effect. According to the application of the industrial equipment market, about 85% choose GLOSS70, this gloss is both anti-glare and good definition.
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