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Ultra white step glass
Introduction to step glass:
As the name suggests, the step glass is a stepped glass. Dongguan Xupeng Glass Factory specializes in producing all kinds of step glass. The temperature can meet 180-1700 °C. After heat treatment, the step glass has good heat stability and high transparency. No scratches on the surface, such as bubbles, good transparency, easy to use Repeated cleaning without wear, long time no deformation, no discoloration, strong impact resistance; can process color and pattern, LOGO, etc., step glass is widely used in buried lights, electrical equipment. Machinable thickness: 2-40mm. Processing size: 5-400mm, according to requirements (provided CAD, PDF drawings) processing edge processing: polished edge, edging, fine grinding edge, rounded edge and square edge. Surface treatment: polishing, sandblasting, pickling, transparent, printing, etc., step glass temperature resistance: 180-1700 degrees transmittance: ≥90% Application range: buried lamp, LED flood light, LED Projection lamps, LED searchlights, LED tunnel lights, electrical equipment and other lighting fixtures.

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