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Round opening luminaire glass
Circular opening luminaire glass:
The so-called luminaire glass is made of high-transparent and high-quality electronic grade raw materials. According to the customer's research and development drawings, it is generally required to be tempered. After tempering, strong and uniform stress is formed on the surface, and the central layer forms tensile stress. Tempered glass has strong compressive stress. After being impacted by external force, the tensile stress generated by external pressure is offset by strong pressure. Therefore, the mechanical strength is increased exponentially. Characteristics: When the glass is broken, it forms small particles, which can greatly reduce the damage to the human body; its strength is about 5 times that of non-tempered glass; the temperature resistance is more than three times that of ordinary glass (untempered glass).

Established in 2009, Dongguan Xupeng Glass Co., Ltd. is a glass deep processing enterprise specializing in the integration of glass product research and development, design, manufacture and sales. Our professional processing and production: tempered glass, electronic tempered glass, electrical tempered glass, silk screen glass, LCD glass, ultra-white glass, touch screen glass, intelligent control Panel glass, LED lamp glass, instrument glass, AR glass (high transmittance glass / anti-reflective glass), AG glass (anti-glare glass), AS/AF anti-fouling anti-finger glass, AF glass (anti-fingerprint glass), A series of high-quality glass such as electronic scale glass, digital photo frame glass, ITO conductive glass, home appliance glass and coated glass.

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