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Dongguan Xu Peng glass manufacturers custom models explosion models 10.1 inch 2mm thick display glass!

1. Product Name: Display Glass
2, display glass specifications: (can be customized according to customer requirements)
7 inches 163*98*2
10.1 inches 230*177*2
12.1 inches 275*178*2 and 260*200*2
15 inches 320*250*2
15.4 inches 345*225*2
17 inches 360*295*2
19 inches 428*278*2
22 inches 494*321*2 and 428*278*2
23 inches 632*311*3
23.6 inches 544*320*3
26 inches 613*362*3 and 620*368*3
30 inches 696*432*3
32 inches 760*450*3
42 inches 968*556*4
55 inches 1283*742*5 and 1245*717*5
3, processing range: opening, special shape, edging, drilling, tempering, baking varnish, silk screen, frosting, water cutting and other deep processing
4, display glass features: high smoothness; high resistance to scratch; good heat resistance;
5, product use: decorative industry building doors and windows, showcases, glass furniture, bathroom glass, glass curtain wall, glass lamps, etc.
6, proofing time: ordinary glass three to five days, the process is complex, it takes about seven days
Established in 2009, Dongguan Xupeng Glass Co., Ltd. is a glass deep processing enterprise specializing in the integration of glass product research and development, design, manufacture and sales. Our professional processing and production: tempered glass, electronic tempered glass, electrical tempered glass, silk screen glass, LCD glass, ultra-white glass, touch screen glass, intelligent control panel glass, LED lamp glass, instrument glass, AR glass (high light transmission Rate glass / anti-reflective glass), AG glass (anti-glare glass), AS/AF Anti-fouling anti-fingerprint glass, AF glass (anti-fingerprint glass), electronic scale glass, digital photo frame glass, ITO conductive glass, home appliance glass, coated glass and other high-quality glass.

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