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Overview of LED luminaire glass

LED lamp glass, also known as power-on illuminating glass and electronically controlled illuminating glass, was first invented by Germany and successfully developed in China in 2006. It is transparent, riot-proof, waterproof, UV-resistant, and designable. Mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sun room design and other fields.
Application field editing
LED glass itself is a safety glass, and it is also a laminated glass for building. It has the energy-saving effect of UV protection and partial infrared, and can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications. Due to the energy-saving characteristics of the LED itself, the LED glass is extremely energy-saving, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
LED glass is widely used in various design and application areas: such as commercial or furniture interior and exterior decoration, decoration, decoration; furniture design; lamp lighting design; interior landscape design; indoor shower partition; clinic; house number; emergency sign Design; conference room partition; outdoor curtain wall glass, shop window, counter design, luxury counter design, skylight design, ceiling design, sun room design, 3C product glass panel application, indoor and outdoor billboard design, fashion home accessories, clock, prizes , a wide range of applications such as lighting and other terminal application products.
Product specifications
Glass: Glass panel is optional, customers can choose from a variety of products such as ordinary float glass, ultra-white glass, fire-resistant glass, insulating glass, tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, coated glass. The glass structure is a sandwich structure and should comply with European EN standards, American ASTM standards, and all domestic safety glass application standards.
Particles: The use of genuine LED particles, because it involves a practical age, luminous effects and energy consumption. Double-sided LEDs to ensure double-sided transparency of the glass.
Wire: Transparent wire, because the transparent wire is definitely high temperature and high pressure processing and coating technology. This is not a simple aesthetic and application issue, but also involves the use of security issues. Manually produced wires are susceptible to brittle cracking during long-term use. [The glass itself is elastic, and if it is exposed to external forces such as wind, it will have different effects on the wire]
Interlayer: The world's top quality imported PVB interlayer film, the intermediate film should meet the European safety glass standard (EN standard) to ensure the safety and service life of laminated glass. The PVB interlayer should be sandwiched in the autoclave rather than the normal furnace to ensure the best quality of the laminated glass. Never use a sandwich that does not meet the top safety glass standards, such as EVA or grouting. The processing plant should hold a test report and certificate of the European standard for laminated glass.
Coating: Off-line coating technology has its limit and its life span is about 1-2 years. It is easy to oxidize, so that the LED lamps in the glass interlayer are no longer partially illuminated.
Application: A large-scale application can ensure a safe voltage of 24 volts, in order to be truly a new material for environmental protection and energy saving.
Scratches: International standards can be achieved, and there are no scratches at the end of many processes.
Light change: You can use the chip to control changes, such as flashing, gradual effects and the like.
Voltage: The voltage used by the LED glass is a safe voltage with a voltage range not higher than 24 volts.
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