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Technical analysis of LED lamp glass

LED glass is a high-tech building material with multiple expansions. The core of its technology lies in the photoelectric display effect through control through film conduction or glass coating technology. LED glass has a completely transparent form and multiple safety features, making it more conducive to design applications. Its flexible configuration structure is more powerful and scalable.
"Hollow LED glass" is one of the best. Through the conversion of the lamination and the hollow, it can be converted into a hollow skill characteristic without losing the display function. The video LED glass is optimized by the circuit structure to maximize the display function. Computer signal access to achieve playback effects, is a pioneering work in the history of glass.
Circuit characteristics
The LED color has excellent brightness and energy-saving characteristics, and the LED glass combined with the glass can not see the line on the glass surface, eliminating the trouble of complicated wiring and greatly increasing the aesthetics of the product itself.
Circuit technology
High-quality LED glass is based on the circuit marking of the online coating technology, and the resistivity is balanced between the circuit points. The difference between the points must not exceed 6.4. As early as 2001, the German Optoelectronic Development Research Department has already targeted LED glass. This data statement is made for the resistance problem of the circuit set point.
The off-line coating circuit technology and the conductive film circuit technology used in some LED products have a large difference in circuit point resistance. Therefore, the LED glass circuit fabricated by the two technologies generally has a very low lifetime, and the LED patch is prone to occur after a period of use. The brightness is reduced and even line faults cause important quality problems in the LED glass.
Especially for some conductive glass films used in LED glass products, due to poor preparation techniques, the concentration of defects in the film is usually high. The main defects are impurities, vacancies, interstitial atoms, dislocations, grain boundaries, and adsorption of surfaces and interfaces. Segregation and so on. This will directly lead to an increase in the resistance difference between the LED patches, thereby burying a quality hazard for the LED glass product.
Design category
LED glass is a high-tech glass building material with multiple expansions. The core of the technology is to integrate custom LED patches on LOW-E glass, and to display photoelectric effects through circuit control. The combination of completely transparent glass and colorful light elements has multiple safety protection features, which makes it more beneficial to each. Design applications.
LED glass has a flexible structure, whether it is the size of the glass, such as size and thickness, or the LED pattern can be freely designed to meet the architectural, decorative or lighting auxiliary needs, with strong scalability and diversity, while the glass can be Punch or multi-style cut to match the requirements of specific projects.
LED glass can be combined with intelligent signal control system to control the LED light in the glass, which produces flickering and gradual effects. At the same time, it can also use a single piece of LED glass as a dynamic unit to combine the special lighting effects to meet the environment or architecture. Its own requirements for light and design elements.
Glass expansion
The LED glass can be designed as a flat glass or curved glass, and can be used with a variety of different glass panels depending on the specific requirements of the application. Such as ordinary float glass, tempered glass, ultra-white glass, fire-resistant glass, ice-split glass, colored glass, silk-screen glass, etc., fully meet the needs of a variety of personalized applications.
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