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Why the touch panel does not choose to spray anti-glare glass

In our daily life, we all have experiences of being attacked by glare. Partly from the glare source, partly from the reflection of glare; when operating the computer, we often worry about the reflection of the scene outside the display on the surface of the display and can not see the display content; and if we stop in front of the glass window to explore the window The scene is that the reflection of the glass surface often prevents you from clearly observing the scene inside the window. The lights from the rear of the car when driving at night affect your safe driving and so on. These are caused by light reflection from the glass surface.
At present, the LED multimedia integrated machine has become the mainstream of the growth of the interactive teaching equipment market with the high integration and clear display effect. However, the early products could not simultaneously meet the contents of the multimedia all-in-one screen at different angles in the classroom due to the reflection of the glass surface. Nowadays, almost all brands of multimedia all-in-one products use anti-glare glass technology to solve this problem.
What is glass anti-glare technology? To put it simply, because ordinary glass has a high reflectivity, it is necessary to reduce the influence of the reflected light of the glass, and the surface of the glass is subjected to a matte (anti-reflection) treatment, and a good effect can be obtained.
At present, there are two types of glass anti-glare technology, one is etching anti-glare technology, and the other is spraying anti-glare technology.
The etching anti-glare glass is subjected to a chemical etching process. Higher costs and lower yields are difficult for general companies to grasp. Etched anti-glare glass is generally used in high-end applications. The surface spray anti-glare technology is to spray one or two layers of AG liquid/anti-glare liquid on the glass surface. It can effectively increase the diffuse reflection of light and reduce the anti-glare effect of glass. Also known as coated glass technology. The advantage of this process is that it is inexpensive and easy to grasp. Nowadays, the company's multimedia all-in-one products use this anti-glare technology.
What are the advantages of etching anti-glare glass than spraying anti-glare technology?
1. The surface strength (hardness) of the etch-resistant glare glass is much higher than that of the spray (coated) anti-glare glass. Especially used in multimedia all-in-one technology. Because the surface is often written and painted, it is more likely to damage the surface coating of the spray technology.
2. The product has a long service life. Since the etched glass surface is still glass, the product life is equivalent to that of tempered glass. The surface coating will not peel off due to the environment and the above-mentioned factors of use.
3. Excellent anti-fingerprint performance and dustproof performance. The anti-glare effect will not be temporarily lost due to the detergent.
4. Excellent optical properties, etching anti-glare glass can effectively reduce the bright spots caused by the flashing point. And the uniformity of the whole area is good. Spraying anti-glare glass can only cause matte effect, and the Gloss value uniformity of the whole area is also poor.
5. The surface haze is low, which can effectively improve the visible brightness.
6. Subsequent glass processing is easy: chemical etching of anti-glare glass can effectively avoid the need to strengthen and re-coat the film in the spraying process (because the temperature in the hot part of the coating will reduce the glass strength by about 1/3. When there is a need for boring and notching, the coating will be coated with the size of the guest. At this time, the cost will be high, and the glass will be cut, but the reinforcing layer of the cutting surface will be destroyed and the cutting edge will be easily cornered. Especially when there are holes or notches, this is a disadvantage for spraying anti-glare glass.
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