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Derivatives of LED lamp glass

With the continuous development of the Chinese mainland economy, the domestic high-end building materials industry is developing rapidly. As a high-end decoration material, LED glass is increasingly being used by designers and terminal application customers. Designers can use the bright characteristics of LED glass to develop outstanding products or decorative products. LED glass surface can not see the line, suitable for flat or curved glass, to meet the various design application needs of customers.
Dimming class
Dimming LED glass is the application of dimming film technology, the dimming glass and LED glass are laminated to form a color-changing LED glass. When transparent, LEDs and other chips can be seen. When opaque, LED chips are not visible. And with the flickering of the ON and OFF of the dimming glass and the overall FLASH control of the LED, it can create an unparalleled erosion effect.
Hollow class
The LED glass is used as one of the sides of the insulating glass to make the LED glass achieve better energy saving and sound insulation effects.
Video class
Monochrome video can also be used to demonstrate dynamic images in transparent glass through the design of special circuits, but only white light effects.
The RGB video is engraved by the plane of the laser circuit, and the method of hollow engraving is used to generate a three-dimensional circuit on the planar circuit, so that RGB can be freely controlled to achieve the normal effect of the LED screen.
Solar energy
The solar film is combined with the LED glass to form a solar LED glass product that directly supplies the LED glass power supply. The power supply of the LED light source is self-sufficient and green, and is the development direction of the LED glass industry in the future.
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