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Introduction to silk screen glass

Glass silk screen printing is a process of glass processing, which is painted by the silk screen master; there are manual silk screen and machine silk screen.
We have seen a lot of beautiful patterns on the flat glass, but I don't know how these patterns are made. There is usually a screen printing room in the glass processing factory, and the room is separated from other factories. The door is closed, and there are only a few screen printing masters and some workers. Glass silk screen printing is a process of glass processing. Some glass needs to enter the silk screen room when it needs to print the pattern mark. The silk screen master gives it a beautiful pattern. Is the pattern really painted by the silk screen master?
Manufacturing process
The reason why the screen printing room is separated from other factories is because the silk screen room must be very clean. All the people working inside must change shoes. The silk screen room is also called the dust-free silk screen room. Silk screen printing is divided into manual silk screen and machine silk screen. Here we will talk about manual silk screen printing. What must be prepared for manual silk screen printing? And what is the silk screen process?
1. Ink: Ink is a must-have for silk screen printing. There is no pattern where the ink comes from. The ink is divided into many colors, and the ink adjustment is a must for the silk screen master.
2, stencil: stencil is prepared for the glass printed on the pattern. The stencil is first smeared with photographic adhesive, and then combined with film and strong light to make the pattern on the stencil. Put the film under the stencil, then expose the photographic adhesive on the stencil with strong light, and then rinse off the photographic adhesive that blocks the part of the film. The pattern is made.
3. Oven: The oven reminds us of baking. Yes, it is to put the glass in the oven to bake. After the glass is printed with the pattern, the ink on the top is not dried up quickly. If you go to the glass at this time, you will encounter it. Ink, this will destroy the pattern. After passing through the oven, the ink will dry out and the pattern will not be easily erased.
4, tempering furnace: Why go through the tempering furnace? Silk screen printing has high temperature screen printing ink and low temperature screen printing ink. High temperature screen printing ink must be screen printed before passing through the tempering furnace. This way the ink blends with the glass surface, and you don't want to wipe the ink off.
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